Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is underwater hockey?


Underwater hockey is a challenging team sport played at the bottom of a swimming pool. Two six-player teams (black vs. white) compete by maneuvering a puck on the pool floor with their playing sticks, with each team attempting to score by shooting the puck into their opponent’s goal.


  1. What equipment do I need to play underwater hockey?


Basic equipment: mask (two lenses and low-volume), snorkel, fins, stick, and glove

Safety equipment: mouth-guard and headgear

Other helpful accessories: socks and fin-straps.


  1. What is underwater hockey school?


It consists of a series of six to eight (6-8) sessions, and combines both on-deck lectures as well as in-pool instruction by a certified instructor.



  1. Do you need to know how to swim in order to play underwater hockey?

No. Though swimmers have a natural advantage over the non-swimming hockey beginners, knowing how to swim is not a general requirement when it comes to playing underwater hockey. You just have to be comfortable in the water.


  1. I wanna play with you guys and try underwater hockey! How can I join??

Please 333 at +63917 8484637 or +63917 838 0868 or send an email to info@puhc.com.ph.


  1. Where do you guys usually play?

Underwater Hockey games depends on the club’s schedule and venue. For more information you can go to the members page of our website.